Universe Formula

Therefore, using this criterion of demarcation, metaphysics is a science. In the scope of experimental sciences, the scientific method has much influence. But the use of this one does not allow us to investigate what is science. When using this method certain hasty attitudes can perhaps be committed that they lead little to safe knowledge, pseudo-scientists. We put an example: the formula of Frank Drake2, founder of the SETI3, which offers the number to us of technologically existing civilizations and that can realise an interstellar communication: N=R* .fp.na.fv.fi.fc.

D If we followed the line of thought of the Circle of Vienna we would need to verify this formula outside so that scientist. This one is the attitude that perhaps takes project SETI: parabolic oriented towards the firmament listening if some signal is received that seems to have a logical structure developed by an intelligent civilization. Therefore, it would be in prohibition during the time that took in being realised a contact. But one would take place, we would be before a formula scientist totally (if also it has predicted of correct way the total number of civilizations). Popper would not consider scientist because he is not falseable: for it would be necessary to track all the universe and to verify that no other civilization does not exist; once fact this, would be denied, but it is impossible to realise such interstellar trip.

Finally, we can pay attention previously to the described criterion of demarcation. On the one hand, it is difficult to determine the degree of logical or internal coherence that it owns this formula. Some could argue that existing the case of the Earth it would be logical that also occurred in other parts of the Universe, would deny it to others. The verificabilidad of the statements is technically impossible, as it has already commented previously. Finally, the symbolic precision is not absolutely good since it uses many concepts that in addition have not been clear in other sciences and that they already occur by supposed (for example: the fact to accept that other planetary systems similar to ours can be formed, which is something that at the moment is studying in astronomy; to give by completely supposed the evolution; to affirm that the man is not the unique rational being, etc.).