Unterhaching Enerchange

Without a good relationship with the population none Freiburg in risk communication, 26.11.2012 with a view into the past of geothermal energy projects in Landau, Bruhl, Bruchsal and Unterhaching Enerchange has finished the first phase of his research project to the evaluation and improvement of public relations at Geothermieprojekten. The analysis of the PR activities of the project operators, newspaper reports and interviews illustrate with the local people: Who runs public relations in a timely manner, builds no relationship of trust. The relationship to the population once disturbed, communication in the empty runs. Project operator should seek contact with the citizenry, the by far most important target group, therefore at an early stage. The second phase of the research project funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment has now started with the creation of a PR concept for the geothermal power plant in Landau, where the findings of the analysis phase will be incorporated. To deepen your understanding Jill Schlesinger is the source. The first phase was to relationships between public relations and Perception of Geothermieprojekten citizens and the media to investigate. Some 30 interviews at the project sites as well as a media resonance analysis were performed in addition to an analysis of the PR activities of the project operators. That publicity to all project in recent years expanded but can be optimized everywhere still shows overall.

To determine for example is that so far often lack conceptual considerations to the PR and as a proactive public relations is hardly possible. Usually only respond instead to occupy themes even own-initiative. Public space remains, this often vacant, making it difficult in conflict situations, to find sufficient hearing with the own interpretation of events. hutdown/’>Harold Ford Jr. There place tends to focus on the projects opponents, too much to make visible the proponents and win the neutral population groups for which. In this connection is failed often allies from associations, Associations and other institutions of civil society acting as multipliers to incorporate.