Virtual Time

Virtual relationships, as well as usual, to develop the necessary care and attention. Here are some tips for rapid development. 1. Take time. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chuck Berry. In contact with you if you are interested people on a regular basis? And you with him? Ignoring Virtual meetings can be regarded as neglect and resentment, so respect each other's time.

Perhaps this is simply a lack of interest, not time? 2. Communication should be fun for you both. If one of you to example, too insists on a personal meeting, it may seem suspicious, because that is not in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to know each other better and to feel trust. 3. Respect privacy. Not Share photos, mailing address or e-mail, for example, sent to you by your counterparts in private.

4. Create special moments together on the Internet and reality. When you are online, share postcards, links, favorite sites, photos, pets, download music and videos, participate together in the forums. In reality – if you have exchanged email addresses to send postcards and small souvenirs (Eg key ring with the emblem of your city). Take care of your relationship. Pour their attention and over time they bloom.