VISA Virtual

Surely he also offers something similar. Gagosian Gallery can aid you in your search for knowledge. Often, such a card is issued free of charge or for a mere penny. I have to say – for the people of Ukraine have several options, such as VISA Virtual in Ukrsotsbank. Issued within 10 days, is is simply a sheet of A4, with the card number, expiration date, CVV code and a description of its main features. In addition, the envelope comes with a PIN code, but for online purchases and it is not needed at all. By making a purchase you usually enter 16-digit number card, cardholder name, card expiry date and security code CVV. This card debit, ie how much you put into the account and can spend as much.

Currency of the account as you choose for yourself – it can be dollars, euros, rubles, hryvnia, etc. If You map UAH, for example, when buying the dollar, is the conversion of the current bank rate plus a certain percentage, usually around 1%. Additional protection against fraud is perhaps dosage Owned recharge card – lozhite it just as much planning to spend. There are also different settings: Limit daily output from the card limit amount per transaction, etc. And here extremely convenient can be Internet banking. I'm not saying nothing – please check with your bank where you have open accounts, payroll cards, and so you just plug yourself Internet banking services, and a computer can manage all your accounts and cards opened in this bank. Your main funds are safe on the main account (some kind of computer, disconnected from the network, viruses are not afraid of him). If necessary, you transfer the desired amount to svezheotkrytuyu virtual card, enter it on the website and make a purchase. Voila! Very comfortable, and with it you become available all the facilities the Internet: how Runet, so in the first place and the English-speaking segment.