Visual Exhibition

Each of the characters story an individual where he or she visitors and visitors faced with the risk of sexually transmitted infections. The exhibition the BZgA has great freedom – liebe.lust.leben.”as a central element of their successful campaign’s join – knowledge & condom” developed. Under the umbrella of the national overall campaign AIDS give no CHANCE the BZgA combined measures, which are targeted at different groups of the population. Click Luxify for additional related pages. Successful prevention is based on empathy,”people who live in Germany, have in an open society the freedom to live a self-determined sexuality”, says Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Pott, Director of the BZgA.

Freedom means to take responsibility for themselves and others. This includes protection against HIV and because with STI every sexually active person can infect other STI, himself. The new exhibition is an evolution of HIV and STI prevention approaches in national forest campaign of the BZgA, which picks up new Visual and communication habits.” The sensitive exhibition encouraged to deal with instead of embarrassed to turn away with the topic. It shows how they can protect themselves from HIV and other STI. “Whether male or female, teens or 40s, hetero – or homosexual, infected or not: In the Centre of the great freedom – liebe.lust.leben.” are fictitious people who want their love, their desire to live without compromising their or their partner’s health. Departments involved in the locations cooperatively in exhibition operations, by actively bringing up their advisory services.

With the exhibition, the BZgA goes on tour all year round nationwide. This year, it makes station next to Berlin in eight other German large cities. Next venue of great freedom- Liebe.lust.Leben.”is Dresden, Erfurt, Schwerin, Hannover, Kiel, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt followed. For 2014, including Munich and Stuttgart are on the tour schedule. Information offers great freedom – liebe.lust.leben. “: information about the exhibition at information on HIV/AIDS and STI, numbers/data/facts on HIV/AIDS and STI press/data and facts / photo opportunities for the opening of the exhibition are today from 15:00 available under press/press emotive / give AIDS no chance of currently Newsletter No. 1 / 2013 for the new exhibition, press/publications/cooperation partners Berlin”: In the locations of the mobile exhibition rising on tour all year round nationwide GROssE FREIHEIT – liebe.lust.leben.”departments to participate cooperatively in exhibition operations, by actively bringing up their advisory services.