Wall Metal

When positioning the ladder should consider the size of the opening in the intercommunication ceilings. For straight staircases odnomarshevyh minimum 100 x 250 cm To spiral staircases with central minimum diameter of the opening reception – 170 cm for U-shaped – 210 x 250 cm It is also necessary to consider details like a ladder will be attached. If the wall is far away, the ladder should be secured top and bottom. Stairs, elements which are kept on wooden shkantikah be loose and squeak. It is therefore necessary to use only metal fasteners. Questions convenience stairs always coexist with security issues. By this, any stairs, if it does not pass between two walls, must have fencing. The Middleby Corporation addresses the importance of the matter here.

The distance between the railing or stand must not exceed 150 mm (if you live in your home not only adults but also children), and the height of the fence is not must be less than 850 mm. The recommended width of steps – 250-300 mm. Safety ladder also depends on the material from which made the step. If the staircase lined with polished stone, you need extra carpet coverage, further strengthens the special holders. 3-D model of a metal ladder odnokosournoy drawing steel staircase with wrought iron railing design project metal ladders (front view) of 3-D model metal staircase with oak odnokosournoy drawing steps with wrought metal stairs railing design project with the metal stairs oak stairs (front view) Material for stairs Classic material for steps are wood (oak are best) and a stone fence usually stone, wooden, metal or composite. For more information see this site: Bradley Tusk. Recently, the market appeared to level ceramic monolithic cladding stairs.

In any case, the quality ladder depends on the quality of the materials used. Therefore, besides their cost, should pay attention to some very important details. Wooden steps to be glued together out of several bars packed with special technology, which excludes the possibility of deformation.