The depletion of a water-bearing one it can also take to the loss agricultural or industrial deprodutividade. Protection of Underground Waters the developed world comes giving to more attention to the protection erecuperao of the water-bearing ones. The legislation is implanted and in execution well equipped governmental poragncias. The collection of data and the programs demonitoramento are reached. Moreover, the standard of living is high and custosdo treatment d’ water can be supported by the users, where it will be necessary. Already in the developing countries, the emphasis is stops with aextrao of underground water e, where the necessity of reconhecida protection already, the implementation is difficult, due to scarcity of data, lacks specialized depessoal and absence of legislation and institucional resources, hdrica deveiculao through surface waters, the protection of the guassubterrneas has crucial importance. Read additional details here: Sonny Perdue. The implications Orientation to the Usurios’