Web Advertising

Affiliate program with 15prozent lifetime Commission launched +++ iPad2 raffle for Web site operators Cologne, March 23, 2011 the InText company Adiro GmbH has launched its lucrative partner offer. Now, can recruit new members about Adiro webmaster and Affiliateanbieter and receive a 15% lifetime Commission. To do this Fabian Burgey, Managing Director of Adiro GmbH: We have a great offer with our 15% lifetime Commission. Are not 15% of its turnover is deducted from the referral partner, but in addition on top paid Distributor. As long as the referral partner revenues, Adiro pays 15% Commission on sales to the distributors. This is one of the fairest and most-watched programs in the Affiliatebereich.” Relating to registered publishers are the personal referrer code as well as a selection of referrer banner available. At the same time, Adiro starts a drawing action for Web site operators. The brand new iPad2 will be drawn among all participants.

Publisher on their Web Awardfor can now her blog report Adiro and the affiliate program. On May 31, 2011, to the 1-year anniversary of the birth of Adiro GmbH, we will announce the winner of the brand new iPad2 among all participants”, so Fabian Burgey. All information about the action, see year day / about Adiro GmbH the Adiro GmbH finds solutions for both advertiser and Publisher and so ensures an advertising with intense perception of sustainable performance. The advertising system allows inhaltsbezogen to place advertising messages and to increase so the advertising revenue, in addition to the previous forms of advertising, and to increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Because the advertising context controlled is played out, is directly related to the editorial content of the Web site and provides an added value for the user. Adiro works with both direct clients and international media agencies. The portfolio includes over 1,500 Web sites in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The registered office of the company is Cologne.