Western Sahara

Isidro Lopez Aparicio lived 24 hours of cold and wind in a hole two meters deep, dressed in the Darraa, traditional costume Sahrawi, to denounce the isolation that this village suffers and, subsequently, climbed to an elevated platform from which watered atomized water to attendees to invite communication and hope. The Galician artist Pamen Pereira accompanied him in this performative action from another hole/pataforma located about twenty meters away, also dressed in the melfa, Sahrawi women’s suit. For its part, Eva Lootz, qualifying this experience how beautiful and hard, at the same time, posed with your installation Luz for all need to promote the development of the Saharan people, through a programme for the promotion of solar energy, which improve their harsh living conditions. The fine arts national award, which highlighted the contribution of art to the visibility of the conflict, he insisted in his reflections on the complexity of the Sahrawi cause, to be in game brutal interests of Morocco and other countries about the phosphates and other raw materials existing in the Western Sahara. One of the promoters of the Land Art movement, the Galician Fernando Casas, commissioned his son, photographer Adrian Estarque, which will develop its proposal blue hole in Tifariti, a space for reflection and movement of energies created with pigments and Saharan soil than in a small amount – has traveled to Spain so that its creator can continue the development of this work in Galicia. El Caballo de Troya Saharaui, the sculpture made with recycled materials and remnants of weaponry by Rolando de la Rosa mexicano and carrying in their guts the various resolutions of the United Nations in favour of the Sahrawi cause and the maxim of Benito Juarez: between individuals as between Nations, respect for the rights of others is peaceIt will be transferred against the wall. This event will be attended by the President of the RASD, Mohamed Abdelazid, the inhabitants of the refugee camps of Tindouf and various media with the intention to publicize to the world the existence of the invisible Moroccan mined wall, a monument to the horror of 2,700 kilometers long which secretes in two Western Sahara. .