Winter Travel: Venice Travel

Venice, known for its canals and the Carnival of Venice is a city that is visited throughout the year. Although the best time to visit this magnificent city is winter, thus avoiding the crowds to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Venice, Venice cheap flights and hotels. In Venice, the risk of high tide is common during autumn and winter, although this does not forbid you should visit the city. The water is growing every day and when it does, it lasts only a few hours, especially in the area of the Piazza San Marco, the lowest point in Venice. So they prepared the case starting with a good waterproof footwear and warm clothes and step into the fog that envelops the entire city. Winter in Venice is cold, with icy winds coming from the sea, quiet street, seen through the fog and hot chocolate! During the cold should not miss the Venetian chocolate with whipped cream. Viziovirtu, located in San Tomin Calle del Campanile, a 15 minute walk from Piazza San Marco, is one of the best chocolate shops in Venice, with a menu that includes delicious hot chocolate and spices classic. Connect with other leaders such as Secretary of Agriculture here. Since winter days are short, better leave early in the morning to visit Venice and enjoy your evening dining or some wine bar to taste the excellent wines of Italy in a romantic atmosphere.

If something is good about travel in winter, is that you get to travel for less. The hotels are cheaper and low cost flights to Venice. For the issue of accommodation, it is easy to find and cheap hotels in Venice. Among those include: Hotel Stella Alpina, Locanda Herion, Hotel Rio, Hotel Reiter Hotel Le Meridiana. The Stella Alpina Venice hotel is located near the main train station and the Grand Canal.

This four-storey hotel is located in a quiet part of Venice’s historic center, just five minutes from the Venice Casino. The Locanda Herion is located in the characteristic area of Cannaregio, a few minutes from Santa Lucia train station. The main feature of this hotel is the game of communicating terraces, which are transformed into tiny hanging gardens. The Rio hotel is in a bustling area of Venice, near Piazza San Marco and just steps from the San Zaccaria stop (water bus). Many of the hotel rooms were formerly occupied by the composer Antonio Vivaldi. Reiter The hotel enjoys an excellent location in Venice Lido, just 200 meters from the water bus station of Venice Lido, 10 minutes from Piazza San Marco. The hotel Le Meridiana is located in the heart of Venice Lido, just 100 meters from the beach and 500 meters from the Palace of Venice Film Festival. This Venice hotel dating from the 30s and has been recently renovated.