Wolfgang Kitza

Minor defects by the corrector removes larger the original author gets the opportunity to rework. This quality control is in the House regularly checked and statistically secure.” For which areas of work especially is the Clickworker principle? Wolfgang Kitza: “this is a huge range, which Grenzen are still not fully plumbed. Since the entire range of Word, by the creation of simple texts, such as for example descriptions of search engine optimization and Keywording of short texts, images or videos to the translation is of course first. Then include the image observations and categorizations. The object in the photo is the person a house or a tree, is a man or a woman? Still better than programs, people perform such tasks.

Thirdly, we would include product reviews and opinion polls. Here, the Clickworkers may participate in polls and surveys, and share their thoughts. Worldwide over 55,000 Clickworkers views of alot of, experiences and individual knowledge have the, Company can be used. Above all, but in terms of content, so in the editorial work to Internet pages, various application possibilities imaginable.” 55,000 Clickworkers sounds somewhat modest, bearing in mind that social networks on many million members get Wolfgang Kitza: “you can’t compare to this. First, there is no multi accounts with us, no Internet users can log on so many times it. Secondly, we are only recently on the market and thirdly our Clickworkers have a professional bond. Connect with other leaders such as Trader Joe’s here. You are registered, to make money, not to get to know other people or carrying out an online diary.

But of course, we have still a lot of potential, the base to enlarge.”…deshalb is clickworker.com now also internationally? Wolfgang Kitza: “Right. In February 2010, we have expanded our business activities on the American market, where a growing team supports our customers and Clickworkers throughout North America. In addition, we build just another Office in the UK.” You engage socially. Wolfgang Kitza: “we have a partnership with the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which operates the project”Network against Nazis”. If a Clickworkers finds a page with right-wing extremist content, he can sign with us and gets the symbolic amount of one cent for it. We then pass the information on. The action was a success right off the bat and we can imagine similar projects for the future.” You have won some major innovations Awards, most recently the zanox application store contest. Is the Clickworker model a trend where you not come in Web 2.0? Wolfgang Kitza: “almost all companies which have so far cooperated with us, were excited by the possibilities that offer the Clickworkers. One of our customers has said, for certain jobs, there are no other options. This is a compliment that we pass with great pleasure to the Clickworkers. For decades, the working man is replaced by machines and programs. We can say: the Division of labor between humans and computers allows very new applications.” Ines Maione