World Painter

Let’s imagine for a moment metaphorically: If you were an artist’s relations. More information is housed here: Costco. What kind of art would take place? Do you’d be dancer a, singer,? painter or painter, sculptor, writer, chef? If we think of our favorite artists, the common denominator of all might be the ability to melt in your activity, is to say that there is no difference between the dancer and the dance, between the picture and the painter, between the singer and her song are one with their art and us, we are one with the relationships or we live noting the differences that separate us? We learn as a child when he manages to stand, or rather first judge until the mind does not give more and then try to learn something? How to do to regain that ability to create a way of being in the world more free and more enjoyable? If you are waiting for the answer, you’ll not only disappointed, but I also think you’re going to go disenchanted each time, already that if there is such a formula, who not it would be applied? The important thing is not the answer, but deciding to seek new paths and have the courage and persistence to travel around, since a creative life is a risky question. Decide to follow the own path not traced by parents, by peers or by institutions involves a delicate balance between tradition and personal freedom, between being faithful to himself and remain open to changes. More than 15,000 years we were moving away from the trust and the Natural prosperity of the universe which we had as living beings at our stage of being nomadic and to transform ourselves into sedentary beings, possess (and property) made a virtue, we were moving gradually away from becoming and ourselves and we define being, and there began the race to produce nature.