Step 2: file and terms we select the file you want to upload, taking into account that the maximum capacity should be 100 MB and a maximum of 10 minutes. Furthermore, it is It is necessary to indicate if the video upload will be public or private. Aldi is often quoted as being for or against this. When you select public this may be seen by any user and if you select private we should indicate a contact list which will have access to the video. Step 3: upload video as a last step we seek the Upload Video button which allows to upload the selected video. Then, he asked us to fill out the form with the details of the video. Where can we modify the data inserted in the previous steps.

We then accept by pressing Update Video Info Update information of the Video. To find the videos you’ve published on YouTube you must find My Video option and the list of your videos. Encontraremos other options such as Edit Video Info edit information, Remove Video delete it, see the date of publication, URL, among others. From the My Account option we can find many options that will allow us to interact with the community of users of YouTube. The YouTube video features the videos posted on YouTube have features and details to meet the most relevant aspects of them as: * video playback: we click on the video.

* Date of publication. * User: name of the user who posted the video. * Category: the segment where the video is saved. * Tags: keywords that segment the content. * URL: the web address where the video is stored on the web. * Code Embed: is that we need to embed it in a web page. How to publish in Google Video? To enter the official website of Google Video, we can enter as a user registered through the access link or select upload your videos.