Alfred Krandick

“I was not realized that television is”, explains they are laughing. “For me, it was really just fun.” But before she was devoted to singing, Kerstin Merlin once a complete training as a dancer, first completed in the children’s ballets in the Frederick town Palace, which joined an eight year old dance studies at the State School of Ballet and the “Royal Academy of dancing of London”. But unfortunately, she had to give up professional dancing for health reasons, and chance soon led them into the pop scene, where one rediscovered her talent as a singer. in 1997, began to sing professionally, and two years afterwards it by MDR under 5,000 competitors in the last three was selected as”99″. In recent years, born Brandenburgerin and Wahlberlinerin graduated from many appearances on high-profile galas and in the entertainment field. Their new album “ZauberRot” will appear in the fall of 2010. (kerstin, Chitra,, Program Note: Radio VHR – stars & stories aired every Thursday at 6: 00 Repeat every Sunday at 13: 00 Web link: description of the company radio VHR – here plays the music! Radio VHR – my no.