Almond Blossom Festival

Where the almond trees blossom every year in the winter a magical spectacle begins in the countries of the Mediterranean. The Almond Blossom provides a white pink carpet and a pleasant scent that blows up over mountains and valleys. From afar it looks almost as snow on the landscape. The unique image provides a magnificent setting for excursions in the nature. The Internet portal reported about the aromatic flowers. Who already has enough of heavy snowfall and cold temperatures, you should treat yourself to a few days and break into the South. Continue to learn more with: Brittany Willis. For example the Algarve, Andalucia, Morocco, Mallorca and Sicily are recommended for an early vacation. Here, the harbingers of spring blossom with the almond trees in January.

The first buds break in early January in the Portuguese Algarve. Extensive bike and hiking tours are recommended at this time. Finally, an aromatic fragrance meets the mountains of the hinterland. Get beautiful views of the soft pink hoarfrost Visitors of the castle of Silves. Mid-January Majorca shines in new splendour. In February, the Spanish mainland with a true flower dance, which stretches primarily by the provinces of Granada, Almeria and Malaga responds. The almond blossom of Morocco nature considered spectacular gift in their homeland. Accordingly, it is celebrated also rich.

Highlight is the Almond Blossom Festival in the mountain town of Tafraoute which is celebrated each year to the 20th February at 1,000 metres above sea level. On Cyprus and Sicily the Almond Blossom also starts from February.