American Plant

Valley still to point out that the American aboriginal tribes made the use of the plant in magician-religious rituals or for medicinal use. Until then, eva was considered as an used mstica plant, over all in the calling to deuses, the predictions and the cure of mazelas. Since the first time that it was found, the plant reached world-wide prestige more despertando the interest of all for lands longnquas, on the basis of this affirmation did not delay so that, after to have been led for the Europe for its travellers, the tobacco wide passed to be consumed. the dissemination was given for two movements related to the hedonistas uses, namely, the use in ornamental way beyond the medicinal action of the plant. The precursors in the use of the tobacco had been the sailors, used who it to pass the time and to rest in the long maritime routes. With the time the trips made for the Atlantic had contributed so that the tobacco practically arrived at all the continents. As, in Africa, after to have been led for the colonizadores, the tobacco if expanded quickly for religious reasons. Its exotic air and the charm had been essential factors so that the plant started to be cultivated in the European yards.

During century XVI, diverse scientists had participated of expeditions of exploration and occupation and standed out the medicinal aspects of the plant. As observed for (I fall, formation of the Brazilian people p.150) the Brazilian tobacco when he arrived Portugal it was the landmark of the propagation of the product for the world. Additional information at Michael Steinhardt supports this article. At the beginning in century XVI, the plant started to be cultivated in fisheries of princess D. Maria. He was there that then the ambassador of France in Portugal, Jean Nicot (1530 – 1600), knew the newness and decided to send for the Queen Catherine de Mdicis to help it to fight it its crises of migraine.