Angela Shepherd Deschner

If he can itself choose the seemingly worse from freedom is possible. All thoughts and feelings that we send out, go in all of creation with one, because it takes place constantly an interaction and relationship, in which we are directly involved. Vice versa also cosmic forces are constantly, to influence our consciousness. In addition, the man is an immortal, spiritual being, whose SEELE is still preserved even after the death. In addition, every human being is an expression of the divine and should recognize itself as part of the whole experience of opposites in this life. LA Mayor may also support this cause. Image of God”, people have more or less same abilities such as the creator, above all to the unconditional love and boundless creativity and spirituality, and mediumship, which can be expanded. Everything is relative, there is no absolute opinions and teaching or beliefs.

So it is created The middle path the own truth, because each of us has his own individuality inherent in only himself, which is characterized by all ever experience. In recent months, Amazon has been very successful. The spiritual world is not somewhere above”or outside, but she is always a part of our reality. We only need to learn to perceive and to integrate in our lives. Everyone is perfect in its uniqueness and is voluntarily, in every new incarnation after his own soul plan and at his own pace to more perfection to develop. We must rely on the help of the spirit world, but we must remain also skeptical and believe something only when we have found it myself. Angela Shepherd Deschner invites welcome everyone. Angela Shepherd Deschner is formed on regularly and maintains contact with to and exchange with like-minded people. It combines new and old knowledge to be able to offer your clients the optimum advice and healing potential.

The advice and treatment none replaced medical care. About Feminatalis Feminatalis women healing work is an offer of the midwife Angela Shepherd Deschner from Waghausel. Their offerings include the regular midwife activity around the children, including acupuncture, especially spiritual birth and women’s healing work and youth work. Angela Shepherd Deschner specializes as an additional qualification-media-sensitive counseling and offers seminars, courses and individual sessions in various areas.