April Upheaval

According to exactly author, April month is considered the month of awareness of the Autism in the world. In accordance with the Disgnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Upheavals (DSM IV) of the American Association of Psychiatry, the Autism is classified in the called sub-group ‘ ‘ Invasive upheaval of desenvolvimento’ ‘. (COAST and NUNESMAIA, 1998) the upheaval can evolve in positive way to the measure that the child grows, since in some individuals she was noticed that from the adolescence she had the interest in making friends, being able, also, to occur sexual desires (…), as they mention to Crocetti and Barone (2007) apud Saints (2008). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Customer Choice Awards and gain more knowledge.. This demonstrates that the communication must be stimulated to assist in this possible progress. 3.2? Causes the causes of the Autism until total are today not defined, however assumptions exist of that the upheaval appears for prenatal infection (congenital Rubola, congenital Sfilis, Toxoplasmose and etc.); Neonatal Hipxia; Fenilcetonria; Syndrome of the fragile X ( more important illness associated with the autismo); Dficits sensorial (degeneration of the retina, hipoacusia); Syndrome of West; moreover, studies in identical twin indicate that the upheaval can occur directly on the genetic part, since it happens in one, tends to happen in the other, beyond the poisoning cases (ASSUMPO Jr, 1997). Some specialists believe that the Autism is decurrent of alterations of Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC), therefore studies of cerebral images of Autistic children point abnormalitys, as variation of size of the structures, the activities and etc..