I want to start this comment recalling an episode that marked my life, when barely a teenager desperately busy and restless for me delve into the fascinating world of politics, to which imagined as the simple scenario where look my hypothetical oratorical skills before an expectant audience that me life-and-death incessantly, surrendered before my incendiary verb. Such was the enthusiasm that the fear of speaking in public considered him just a distant reference, only attributable to people weak and timid. However, the expected time of my brilliance came at the least expected moment, when, at a meeting of young, someone pushed me forward and I immediately announced as the next speaker on behalf of youth. The terror that gripped me prevented me from articulate any word and the mocking murmur that came out of the Auditorium, I felt like the roar of a hungry beast that I devoured mercilessly. Desolate and despondent returned to the warmth and security of my home, convinced, now yes, my inability to express myself in public and resigned to abandoning the project of turning me into a dazzling political figure. Alone with my thoughts, remained silent long hours. Suddenly, providentially, saw a flyer on the table, which, for some reason, I took in my hands and I read your owner: you must prepare yourself.Actually, it was a moment of inspiration. I realized that to succeed in any activity of the life, preparation was required.

Nothing is random. Today, it could not assert that I am the product of that idealistic image of dazzling statesman and orator fogozo. But that revealing brochure led me to search for books, essays and all sorts of readings for preparame and learn about methods that experts recommend to lose the fear of public speaking and achieve expose thoughts and ideas coherently and convincente.ante an audience of any size.I can say publicly, that I have succeeded, thanks to the study. There are no methods miraculous..