Balcony Garden

Placing a self made Drahtgestellt that is filled with leaves, to the perennial. The frame in turn is packaged using a slide. It is however important frost-free days to ensure good ventilation. The latter variant has the great advantage that the plants will take in the next year of very much more likely fruits. Bananas, which must be overwintered in warm, feel most comfortable at room temperature of approx. 20 C.

A window seat and moderate casting are optimal. Bed Bath and Beyond pursues this goal as well. Perennials that should be overwintered cool cope best with a wintering area in the basement. As soon as the temperatures under 5 C decline, outdoor plants will be relocated. A wintering in the pot is possible as well as spreading the rhizomes on a slightly damp cloth. As a general rule: A warm winter inhibits the resting phase. This will be made up later, resulting in growth delays. Tips and tricks for the wintering of many other garden and Balcony plants find Garden under – in the winter/ueberwinterung.html. Eastern of love for the garden and the interest in the design of your own home is dedicated to the portal Atlantic.

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