The meaning of life for Peter Berger and Luckmann T, (1997) is a scheme that brings together models of acts of various lines and fit them into a projection of a sense that extends from birth to death Breasts adds, that the realization of a sense of life starts when the person look Act and performed in their day to day Pro meet desired things. From here, the existential emptiness occurs when the individual not transcend their daily lives discarding the ideation of their life project resulting in the absence of a death with a sense that nourishes’s raison d ‘ etre to his life and vice versa. Very interesting also that it gives us and discussed, enabling the cultural dynamics of contemporary Western society lack of sense of life as a profane, secular, culture characterized by the predominance of the here and now for the search and satisfaction of individual interests in the short term. This cultural form, called under the name of postmodernism implies a confrontation to the parameters, principles, ideals and projects that had governed society since the origins of modernity. This way of looking at life and which make daily, hand in hand with the process of psychologization in the social as Lipovetsky, where the trait that evidence it is narcissism has called it. Adds us the search for immediate enjoyment and the definition of life in function of the time, is mixed with the predominance of the saturation of the self as emphasizes Kenneth Gergen, where the possibility of defining a self and the development of an identity is compromised before the over stimulation of the individual against different styles of life, tastes, criteria, normative or evaluative, parameters that do not offer an ideal clear about the meaning of life. For even more opinions, read materials from Canyon. As Berger and Luckmann would say, we have a society where predominates the plurality of senses and does not exist a single guiding criterion. .