Brown Seniors

Make all transactions you make all talk of sales targets and transactions which fall away or are increasing. What is the largest and most lucrative, only growing target group: that of seniors? Is it self-evident that these seniors are customers for us. Or do we have even negative feelings on the issue of the elderly? One thing is certain: those of us who focus on this target group, have short – and long-term clear competitive advantages. The German HDE retail Association has currently developed a new quality mark: “Buy Generationenfreundliches” – banks to adapt to the new topics of the elders and they reward the commitment. Make your own master plan for senior-friendly selling and thus secure is the largest target group in our society. “The German HDE retail Association has developed a new quality mark: Generationenfreundliches shopping”. Financial planner may help you with your research. The first interested dealer are certified in the next few months.

And banks deal with Generationenbanking with success, you attract new customers, existing bind and thereby significantly reduce your own management. Anyway: Seniors, best agers, 50plus target group or similar names are perceived as a difficult target group. Because they are so different, like hardly another group. But they have nothing to do with the tattrigen Grandpa, who revels in his Brown armchair in memories. The older ones are consumption experienced, informed, place greater emphasis on service and friendliness. And they have the financial means to pay for services and products.

The market for people at the ripe old age counts more than 30 million members in Germany and has the majority of the national wealth. With the oldest babyboomers, who today are in the retirement age, the path is: the Group of seniors is the only growing target group. What are entrepreneurs the? There is still a youth craze or set provider on the most lucrative target group?