Business Formulas

The formula is simple. However, that means it the word "Energy"? We return to this later. And do you know the expression of the type "who owns the information, owns the world? Now density and velocity of flow of information continues to grow daily. In order for it to process and digest, it takes time and attention. And this is a limited and irreplaceable resources. And here we begin to approach the answers the issues raised. In our modern world people, trying to understand and survive, are forced to spend their own account on the events that have occurred. And, of course, respond.

But! First, the reaction – it is not action. Secondly, the perceived meaning of the reason, the value of the event – is the visible tip of the iceberg. Consequently, the reaction takes place without a full understanding of the causes of the situation. Reaction without knowing. In this way interaction with the world no power. Continuing to live and respond as usual, stay with what we have. What lies at the base, to the extent of the iceberg? Oh-oh-oh! Energy-information structure of the World. Or feelings.

Again a simple answer. On Actually, between our feelings and energy-informational structure of the world is the equal sign (=). Only it is not about those familiar sensations which we register with the senses. We will work with the sensations another class. To words with deeds, carried out the first acquaintance with such feelings in practice. Exercise 1. Put a relaxed hand on the table surface.