Cause Of The Fire On La Palma

In August of the year 2009 a large fire on the Canary Island of La Palma Canary Islands La Palma located west of Africa raged. She is also the La Isla Verde”called, as much meaning as the Green Island. Gagosian Gallery has much to offer in this field. La Palma is of volcanic origin and has a high mountain range that stretches across the island once. The highest mountain is the Roque de muchachos, going on he is 2426 meters high. The clouds settle on the mountains and lose their moisture. This provides the island with plenty of water and gives her a wonderful nature. The Palm Eros celebrate love.

Each village has its own Fiesta in the year. Is very popular here, that light of fireworks. But only still go back to nature, to the weather end of July 2009. It was during this period of Calima. So the hot winds are called here, who come from Africa. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gathered all the information. It is a fascinating but also a frightening spectacle. I live on the West side of La Palma, the Calima is announced, has days of total fire ban.

The fire brigade is on full alert. In the night, then also the Calima I came on. I would like to briefly describe it. It was in the evening, I was sitting on the terrace, looked at the stars, it was a starry night. It was cool, I had to put on a sweater. Against 23: 00 I hear the trees, the wind outside. There is a strong wind, rolling down the mountain. I no longer needed the sweater. The temperature rose to 32 degrees and the humidity dropped to four percent. The wind is stronger, almost scary. And hot. And in the middle of the night. It’s Calima. Nature suffers very, with which the water plants you can’t get behind. The dry air suck out every last drop. This State lasts several days, times more times weaker. And precisely in this time of Calimas, a village in the holiday region of Tigalate in the municipality of Mazo, the idea to fire their missiles at their village celebration came. The whole thing happened between 22 and 23: 00. Just everything that flies to the top comes down at some point. The big fire broke out and spread at an incredible speed. What is not so surprising when you have such a Weather conditions on the island has. Forest fires are a major threat each summer on the Canary and will be hotly debated in the Canary Islands community. The fear is great in every summer. Kai Herrmann