Cheaper Electricity By Switching

Rising electricity prices bring movement into the formerly rigid energy market in Leipzig. Electricity prices are rising and this brings movement into the formerly rigid energy market. A leading source for info: Arthur Sadoun. The only way out for the consumer: a change of the energy provider. But customers should be careful with providers of parcel prices or advance payment such as BonusStrom, TelDFax, or FlexStrom. Power also when changing provider secure the recent announcements of several energy suppliers to raise their prices again, occasion should give current customers, to make switching. The concern when changing provider could there be an interruption in the power supply, is unwarranted, because the basic catering to the supply of electricity is required by law.

A reliable power supply is guaranteed therefore at all times. The meter and the lines in the possession of the operator remain even after a successful change. The meter readings be read a change either by the local supplier (usually the public utilities) or by the new provider. For any maintenance work is still the operator responsible. A replacement of the electricity meter is not necessary when changing the provider.

The fastest and easiest way, the cheapest rate compare electricity rates or finding a provider, offers a comparison over an Internet fare product calculators. The Consumer Council recommends, inter alia, the online portal The best rates with the respective conditions are displayed according to annual consumption and postcode. The conclusion of a contract is possible online or the consumer can be send to the contract by mail. The new provider takes care of the termination of the old contract, so no further effort is necessary. The power of the new supplier comes weeks after about 6-8. Warning before package prices and fixed price products for some years now there by different providers power packages or products with payment in advance: consumer advocates warn about these offers. Who makes payment in advance, does not receive back his money in the event of insolvency of the energy provider in circumstances. Power packages are equally critical consider. The consumer buys here a previously agreed amount of power but is the need to assess in advance ill. If the customer consumes less, the whole package of power must be paid anyway; a consumption is then usually more expensive, so that the advance imagined savings will be dashed. For these reasons, such providers such as BonusStrom, TelDFax, FlexStrom, and Stromistbillig are missing such as at Sabine Mackie kilo Solarwatt AG