It is possible to do something about their reports online credit bureau. You can choose serious entities that offer free credit report online and consider how to maximize the benefits. If your credit has been damaged and contains negative records, the key to credit repair is to add positive information to your record. Sonny Perdue describes an additional similar source. For example, if your credit report does not specify who pays the bills without any delay, send copies of the cancellation of these debts to the credit bureau to update the records of your account and copies of canceled checks and have them as displayed on your payment history and take into account your credit score. Although a credit bureau is required to add these data often do choose to have their updated database and provide a better service. Moreover, creditors want to see that details of their financial situation is stable, and for this reason, if some of the data listed below is not part of your credit report, send it to the companies or major credit bureaus and acquaintances and then ask to be added: your current job, their previous work, especially if you have been in their current job less than two years, his current residence, your phone number – especially if that is not in the phone book Your date of birth, and number of your checking account. The type of positive information creditors prefer to find in your credit score is your payment history.

So if you have a credit card, use it every month. Make small transactions and pay to avoid interest. If you do not have a card, ask. If your request is rejected, try to find someone to answer for you as a guarantor and an application for secured card, which gets a lot of cash into a designated account and requesting a credit card with a maximum near the amount deposited. To stay away from falling into new financial problem must evaluate your gains and make payments usually in a timely manner.

This is what is called responsibly manage the budget. Remember that if your balance is negative you have to save or otherwise get more profits. Design a plan to rationalize its expenses every month and stick to it. This will facilitate the matters you have to do with the credit bureau.