Dealing with Debt

Many times inside of the forest are not obtained to see all the trees that surround a person. This phrase can be applied the situation of a person who if became indebted. The debt is the entire forest and each one of the commitments is each one of the trees. In these situations and imagining that you if lost in the forest, optimum it is to stop to spend its energy being tried to find the way. To leave itself the forest when if he is lost she is necessary a strategy.

The strategy is very simple. It looks at the entire forest of the point higher than it will be able and it starts to understand which the trees that they surround to it. The way, thus, will be discovered. It looks at its debts in panoramic way to perceive each tree and the ways between them. First, it is necessary to understand which the expenditures that are important for the personal sustenance and of the family. The commitments are these that must be focados and be honored. They are for the order the expenditures with feeding inside of house, housing, health, education and transport.

It organizes a budget that you allow to cover these basic expenditures. He does not consider eventual extraordinary profits as 13 wage, sales of vacation, programs of profit sharing and restitution of the income tax in this budget. He relates each expense. When making this uses to advantage to cut to all the unnecessary expenditures as periodical signatures, magazines, signature of TV the handle, cellular telephone, exits of week end, academy etc. These cuts donate, but they are absolutely necessary. They are true thin for where its money runs. Exemplificando a TV signature the handle that costs R$ 100,00 to the month will only represent to the end of one year R$ 1,200 the same adds value of an academy monthly fee and at the end of the year you will have saved R$ 2.400.