Leaving my family, my home, my city, my friends do not look back .the desire to see the love of my life was all for my single vole in search of a destination, a cause, a remedy with longing my eyes sought a unique construction, worthy icon of a culture many dreams were being made reality and I had no words Enmudeci to see the power of God again. The long-awaited day came and no reason pending extension, because my wings were broken by the time. but it was not a reason to make me stop under any pretext wanted to be in the arms of the Sun that at 6 months was not shining in my eyes. To see him without words I only I could hear my heart saying: never again so let go after a few days and without being able to say I did not have to leave me. Do I tried to be strong not faint live everything and not stay in the why not? He looked at me and I steal my soul again I am alone and my Sun shines not pair my. Let it was leave me to myself, is being alone, it is to be without the written by Juliana Forero original author and source of the Article.