Dow Corning Corporation

* High 'wet' strength immediately after application – allows you to efficiently move parts from one technology to another position. Do not want to 'hold time' – you can move the parts immediately after their manufacture * Long shelf life, long time setting of the film at the edges – the material will not be activated with heat and, therefore, not cured by self-heating, thereby setting a long time provides the flexibility of the assembly process. * Aggressive Adhesion – Excellent adhesion without primer to metal, plastic, wood and paint. * Crystal transparency – is highly transparent, or can be painted in the colors chosen. * Safe for work – not dangerous formula, very low odor, very low allocation of VOC (volatile organic components). * 100% silicone chemistry, neutral-curing – cures to a flexible, resistant to weather factors silicone elastomer with outstanding durability and resistance to ultraviolet. Preparation of the substrate Although silicones Dow Corning Corporation has excellent bond strength, maximum adhesion is achieved only on clean, dry surfaces.

Contaminants such as dirt, grease, water, tar or rust, act as agents that reduce traction and prevent the formation of persistent links. Thus, it is strongly recommended to properly prepare a wet or a dirty surface before applying the sealant. * Clean the soiled area with clean, not greasy cloth. * Once again, wipe the surface with an appropriate cleaner or industrial solvent, such as isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, naphtha or ketones. Note: Do not use detergent to clean surfaces or soap. Soap residue can act as a release agent. * Rubber surfaces should be done roughened with sandpaper. With each application of tests on a small area to determine the adhesion of the sealant. Coupling strength will increase as the curing of the sealant. Method of Application Apply adhesive / sealant Dow Corning on one of the prepared surfaces., Then quickly cover with the other substrate, which must be glued.