Fantasy worlds exert a great appeal to many people. In the 1970s one sat paper and an unusual collection of Wufeln with a sheet prepared at the table at pen & paper games. In the film or in the computer game, also today fantasy fans let themselves like in strange worlds. Were fairy tales and other stories not told in childhood who, in which different fairies, characters have played an important role. There was the good fairy, the Cinderella helped a Prince Consort, or them, the three wishes granted.

The latter has even today place in many jokes or commercials, even if she then lose some of her mysterious charisma. But there was also the evil fairy, who dropped by for example sleeping beauty into a centuries-old sleep. Fairy tale world has produced quite a few more enigmatic figures, such as witch, magician or Knight. Many stories are still passed to the children. Read additional details here: Selim Bassoul. Partly they are filmed. Often be fairies even in modern stories.

So the tooth fairy leaves some money for a lost baby tooth, when this is put under the pillow. Fairies and Angels mean something good for many. Quite a few people have a small guardian angel in her car. In children’s rooms, fairy or Angel are often on the wallpaper. You can find beautiful figures out of this world today at the online mall. And even adults draws the mythology into its spell. The novel the mists of Avalon “by Bradley is one of the most famous retellings of the legend, which is connected to Avalon, and at the same time is one of the examples from mythology, the adults in her spell. Other authors have dedicated to the fantasy world. Bakker published as the war of the prophets “, also in this genre moves.” Kelly Armstrong deals in their works with vampires and werewolves, which is currently very popular. Andreas Mettler