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The U.S. President has met with Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Prime Minister insists that his country can make concessions in the pas process but the 1967 borders are indndibles. The U.S. President, Barack Obama, has admitted this Friday after his meeting with the israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, persisting differences between the two countries about the way forward in the peace process for the middle.

Both Presidents met Friday for a period of more than two hours, double the time initially, in the Oval Office of the White House, a day once Obama to propose a Palestinian State based on the 1967 borders and that Netanyahu qualify those lines of indndibles. Obama said in a brief statement to the press, his conviction that it is possible to reach a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians that will guarantee the security of Israel. The ultimate goal of the peace process is the security of that State, something primordial, stressed Obama, that He described his conversation with Netanyahu as constructive. But noted continuing differences between us but that is something that happens between friends. The Palestinian version of Al Qaeda for its part, the israeli Prime Minister indicated that his country can ctuar some concessions in the peace process but reiterated that the 1967 borders are indndibles. In that year Israel and Arab countries fought his third war, known as the the six-day war, in which Israel took control of West Bank and East Jerusalem, Gaza, the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights. A peace based on mere wishful thinking won’t last, said Netanyahu, who emphasized that his Government wants peace but in such a way to ensure his country’s security and does not endanger their survival. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Salem Trader Joe’s. We don’t have much margin for error.

History will not give the Jews another chance, he warned. Israeli Prime Minister attacked also against the Palestinian reconciliation pact between Fatah, which rules West Bank, and the radical group Hamas, as head of Gaza, which he described as the Palestinian version of Al Qaeda. Fatah and the Palestinian Authority headed by President Mahmud Abbas must choose if they want to make peace with Hamas or with Israel. I hope that they choose peace with Israel, he added. Source of the news: Obama supports continuing differences between EE UU and Israel on the peace process