In the passive memory of man are absolutely all the words of all languages which he knows or when – ever heard, but not always able to recall them. In other words, we are talking about situations where you want to say something, especially in a foreign language, but can not recall a particular word. You remember him, if you say this word, but are not able to do this once. In such situations, the word that you can not recall is in your passive memory. In the same active memory, by contrast, retained only those words that you always remember and can use them in any situation and instantly. Read more from The Middleby Corporation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Typically, the number of words of native language in the active memory is very large, since they polzuyutes you every day and in different situations. Number of words in the language of our active memory is much lower and mostly limited to words, we use very often. In order to be fluent in a foreign language, it is necessary to increase the number of foreign words in active memory: the more the better.

5. The best way to increase the number of foreign words in active memory is the use of a virtual teacher training program in the world today there are millions of sites on English language training, uses dozens of techniques, opening up thousands of courses English, etc. Very hard to find one that would fit for you and would give a perfect result. All of these methods has its pros and cons.