Expanding Left

Application To: Everyone, from novice to master. When: At the beginning of the training back when you're full of energy. After the traction in the slope, do a vertical, horizontal and other cravings. How much: 3-4 sets of 6-10 repetitions. Sports thrust in the slope of the load on the focus muscle middle back and is almost the best way to "add the thickness of the" top of the latissimus dorsi, rhomboid, and the lower and middle trapezoid. Muscles involved in this exercise, play a major role in carrying out any movement of your arm, at which the elbow is close to the body or play behind him. Rehearsing traction in the slope, you will improve your athletic skills in basketball (receiving the ball and move at the same time hitting the ball from the floor), rowing, swimming, wrestling, judo and rock climbing.

Keywords: Thrust rod in the slope of 4. Pump up the back muscles: Expanding and rhomboid muscles of the back, middle and bottom of the trapezoid / Detailing and symmetry of the left and right half back Appliances Take a dumbbell in your right hand. Neutral grip: the palm facing the side of the thigh. Become a left off the bench and put your feet together. Make stride or put a knee left leg on the bench, as shown in the photo. Slightly bend your right leg (or both legs if your feet on the floor), lean forward and uprites left hand edge of the bench. Torso is parallel to the floor and spin slightly bend at the waist.