Fate Genetics

The biggest issue of concern to human and distinguishes it from all other creatures: 'predetermined in advance if my destiny, called blind fate or not, and can I change it? " After all, if we ask the doctors, biologists, geneticists, historians and philosophers, according to modern science finally get the answer that man is born with his destiny. Currently, with the latest research of prominent scientists, we discover that nature – is a thought. We are located within this thought, it affects us and leads us to some purpose. This we discover by examining inherent in our genes. Deciphering the human genome has become a major achievement in science in recent years. Optimists hope that this knowledge will help defeat the disease and hereditary disorders.

Skeptics argue that change human nature not in the power of genetics. What will bring revolution in the understanding of gene processes? Whether the genes responsible for human actions, or the man – the master of your destiny? Competing with each other, researchers seek out newer and newer features of human personality, embodied in the genes. For what just do not meet the genes: for longevity, for sexuality, for the child's sex, for myopia, for addiction to smoking, alcohol and drugs, with the propensity to crime, with the ability to remember faces, for growth, for its ability to drive a car, a propensity for altruism. Here are some examples of recent discoveries in genetics: – British scientists first discovered the bad gene, which affects the speed of our aging.