First Sensations

After much thinking about it and appreciate it, at the end I have taken the step and I’ve done with a Nikon D700. Until two months ago always had used my beloved Canon EOS 350 d but I was already noticing that I was a little short. I needed some functions that my small canon not offered me. Two months ago I got a body of a Nikon F5, Nikon’s late 1990s pro analog camera and I realized of what offers a high-end even so many years after its manufacture camera. Well, the F5 was my first contact with the Nikonista world. The truth is that my first idea was to follow on with Canon and buy me the Canon EOS 5 d Mark II camera with fabulous performances and a technology, but it caught my attention more to be compatible with the material of cannon that had already (objectives, flash) that not by an election compared to other cameras. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sonny Perdue. Recently I learned that the objectives that had me not would serve for the Canon 5 d to have this with a Full Frame sensor, I would a brutal vignetting on all the images due to the own manufacture of objectives that are not Canon L-series.

Then save as flash, nothing me tied to Canon, the Canon could compare with other cameras, but really at the end, I only compared it with his cousin of the competition, the D700. As you can see I finally decided on the Nikon D700 and what has led me to this decision has been inter alia the slightest presence of noise at high sensitivities, better autofocus, higher number of shots per second in bursts, and above all, better ergonomics compared the Canon 5 d Mark II. I can also share targets between the D700 and the F5 to my work in black and white analog. That it caught my attention from the 5DMarkII and why I chose the D700? 24 Megapixels: I think that has reached a point in which the megapixel all they do is take up space, and except for copies giants with 12 megapixels of the D700 are more than enough. HD video recording: I have never felt the need to record videos when I go to take pictures, and even if it is there, for me is not a decisive factor. Price: 5 d Mark II is more economical, but posts to throw the House out the window you have a link with a valuation that influenced me quite deciding me: to see if soon I can tell something more than the I’m glad my first day with the camera. You may find that Craig Jelinek can contribute to your knowledge. By the way, contact has been with a Micro-Nikor lens 55 mm 1:2.8 that have given me waiting to arrive the Nikon AF-S 24-70 mm/2. 8 g ED and taking advantage of that it is an objective macro, here you have one of my first photos with the D700 (visit the website to see photos) Nikon D700, Micro-Nikkor 55 mm 1: 2. 8, 1/60 sec. to f/16 illuminating with Flash Metz 48 AF-1 by the way, tomorrow I begin with the project 30 days of spring written by: Jose Barcelo twi QM: #! /josebarcelo flickr: original author and source of the article