Frame Houses Using Canadian Technology

Tree for the perfect material for building houses. Even in ancient times, when nobody knew about modern insulation materials and construction technology, people have turned out to build comfortable, simple and warm home. New technology also suffered construction of frame houses on a new level. Thanks to new materials frame houses became Met reduced weight and cost. Now many homes are built Canadian technology frame houses. The service life of a Canadian house up to 150 years, and the construction of this house is a very short time, about 1-3 months. Manufacturing warm house begins with the project. Now, thanks to Computer specialists can pre-calculate naruzku on beams and ceilings, as well as in the details to design the location of communication within the home.

With frame construction house used in construction materials receive special treatment that will extend the life of construction. Initial construction is performed in workshops specially designed for data needs. The roof of the house is made from the rafters. Thanks universality of the roof may have lyuby forms, even the most bizarre. That is, in svom home you will be able to realize any creative idea.