Funny Car Stickers

Funny and fun, fun and funny writing on car not only lift your mood, but also delight of passing motorists and passers-by, unwittingly causing a smile on his face. Subject funny car stickers has been seen as one of my acquaintances who asked to draw the label "Caution: Children," so that it attracted attention and look original and fresh. So there was the first cool sticker on a car – "Attention, children!" Beware, children! OBJ51 gradually became subject to increase, the ideas filed online, the surrounding life, friends and acquaintances:) I am pleased that our website ( can be found very funny and kind in nature writing on machine, as originally did not want to create something banal and mundane. SD Cards can provide more clarity in the matter. Achtung! Take off! OBJ56 stickers on a car with funny slogans – it's a challenge to others, this is a positive attempt to stand out from the crowd, to express his sense of humor and share a good mood with others, because without a doubt on our roads do not have enough of an elementary positive and respectful attitude towards each other, so let's often smiling J Works autopilot! OBJ53 And what a beginner motorist can do without the stickers featuring cute teapot? Kettle. OBJ54 Whatever car you drove or how strong and experienced driver you may be, it never hurts to success on the road. Glue small chetyrhelistny clover on the glass door or hood of his car and good luck on the road from you will never turn away:) good luck! OBJ59 is remarkable that the stickers with funny inscriptions perfectly glued on a flat surface vehicle or glass. Labels are not afraid of water, so that you can safely wash your car! And when you get tired of the inscription, you can always peel it without damaging the surface of the machine and replace it with another gay label.