Glass Door

So, take any doors. With gon spend lines that define the contours of a future opening – they must be parallel to the sides of your door. In order to calculate the distance from the edge of the door to the edge of your opening, to Carry out the width of the aperture and the width of the door to take away the width of the opening, you will need to divide the result in half. Here, Pentagon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To properly cut the gap must be identified in the corners of the drill hole. Then insert a jigsaw or just sawing and make propilku on marked lines. To enhance the edges of the opening with a chisel to select the internal filler door to a depth of 50 mm. Check with Marko Dimitrijevic to learn more.

In the vacated space bars are installed and secured with adhesive. Glass should not rattle. For this purpose, the size of the grooves under the glass do equal thickness. Most-mount glass produced with the help of wooden planks (strips) referred to as the bead. There are two kinds of wooden slats: flat and with the selected quarter, which have an apron to hide rough edges cut a hole in the door. Also, in order to make a decorative snap your doors, suitable for attaching glass carved moldings..