Golden Eagles

From childhood, we know that the eagles – large birds. Even very large. In the myths, legends, science fiction novels and stories, they seem so huge that they can easily carry a person on the back. Even in modern stories, like Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings", eagles exceed the size of the person. But it is not. Eagles large only in comparison with other birds. Eagles – the most real predators. They hold on in a death grip prey.

That no wonder, since the feet they have long, sharp claws. Hooked beak, the eagle can tear chunks from the body, caught the animal to immediately swallow. The best known in areas of Europe – the golden eagle. He became a symbol of Germany and Austria and took pride of place on the arms of those countries. Also, it can often be found on the banknotes of the European countries. But popularity is often played havoc with the animals. And Golden Eagles were destroyed almost everywhere.

Only a small group remained in the mountains. So, for example, in the Alps, home to about 200 pairs. Even the protection of environmental organizations do not allow the eagle to increase their numbers, they suffer from human activities, including those from the tourism. Body length reaches 90 cm eagle, you see, not a small bird. It looks very majestic golden eagle, probably, it can be called the king of the world of birds. Eagle wingspan – about 2.2 meters in adults eagles plumage coloration dark brown, sometimes a head is a little lighter. Males and females did not differ in appearance, their plumage is the same color. But the eagle chicks have white feathers on the tail and wings. Golden eagles feed on mammals and birds, and carrion does not shrink, if will find something. Housing jacks prefer to arrange on cliffs, sometimes there are nests of these birds made by high trees.