Sempreque I can I a bit dedicate of my precious time making use dainternet, among others options taste to take a walk for blogs, sobretudopor those most intelligent ones and that in them they present contedoseducativos, cultural and the news in local, national levels international, therefore, as professional education or other areas, we need to be intent to the events politicians, cultural, social and economic, to be able to carry through well nossasfunes, being looked for to form the citizens in the direction well to improve omundo that in the fence, with a future vision, considering the preservation of the planet and the welfare of all. Then, in one of these taken over on a contract basis something it called me attention, charges in blog of a friend in a city in the state of the Mato Grosso, in that page I found charges signed by diverse cartunistas and signal, paratodos the gostos with regard to our governing and the polticabrasileira, have charge that it speaks of important facts that of one formaou of another one shocked or for that not to say it infuriated our society. Charges that we find, in that important blog makes references as: Fraude of the Enem in the public competitions and the game betting queos millionaire of mega had earned but, they had not taken the prize. These facts mefizeram to think: My God! That Country is this? What it happened with nossosgovernantes? in which Institutions if can trust nossoBrasil today? One charge that it shows the minister of the Civil house Dilma Rousseff, candidate of the situation the Presidency of the Republic, without fondness to be the candidate of its party, Partidodos Diligent – PT and yes, the candidate of the Squid, for it to relieve maisvotos for the prestige and the popularity of the President Lula, queela does not assume this position, but, for what it makes look like, nor I dare to affirm quepode to be for the mud sea where the PT walked put in the government doPresidente Squid, but, for the fact of wanting to choose itself whatever the cost.