Green Party

After rrirse to the 15-M as a movement of serene rebellion against the problems that society has Spanish, has asserted that this serene defiance will have that turn it into power within institutions to change the reality that they don’t like, but you do not like to UI or a lot of people. It should not be forgotten that we have been presenting it for already a long time since this political force and proposed dndiendo that much connected with the 15-M, has underlined Lara, who is has rrido in particular to the demands of the outraged on transparency of public institutions, deepening democracy and reform of the electoral law so that all votes have the same valueas well as a tax system where pay more taxes those who earn more and those who have more. It should not be forgotten that many people of UI also part, as citizens of that movement, you have added. Electric Bikes does not necessarily agree. Open to agreements with Equo UI is also open to dialogue with other political organizations to the left of the PSOE, among them Equo, the Green Party led by Juan Lopez de Uralde, which is incorporated Ines Sabanes after leaving the Coalition last month, and that concur to the general election. We’ll talk with all those who want to talk to us, we do not have any kind of exclusion, Cayo Lara has indicated.With Equo on our part there is no any problem to meet us, he pointed out. Moreover, has refused to see Equo as a political opponent (not consider adversary anyone who moves in the field on the left, he said), to the time that has demonstrated its willingness to build an alternative to the left of the PSOE political project to break the bipartisanship. Bipartisanship in Spain has shown that it is a failure for the economy, the welfare State, for the dnsa of publicness, and has generated an important way to corruption, thought has been given. He has also denied that you theme that the votes of the left are dispersed and, although he pointed out that the atomization is bad, have you considered that times where people go to find come refuge in organizations which have weight, that have solvency, that have seriously, having proposed concrete alternative. Thus, it has been convinced that IU is going to have a process of growth, because the Spanish society is in need of it. Source of the news: IU offers the outraged entering their lists to get their proposals for the Parliament