Havana Writer

Of course during your stay in the both Worlds not neglected his passion for writing, as he recognized many years later when he had even already moved his Havana residence for another site. Featured Customers has much to offer in this field. In 1958, in his famous interview with George Plimpton, remembered: the Ambos Mundos in Havana, was a good place to work… Still today the hotel management keeps almost intact room of the fifth floor that the American writer used. However, contrasting with the complacency of Hemingway hotel, Martha Gelhorn with his third wife, began to bother him the small room and lack of privacy before the visit of the husband’s friends. It was she that sought and found Finca Vigia, a stay located in the town of San Francisco de Paula, 30 minutes from the Centre of Havana. The House certainly met exceptional conditions so the writer could develop its vital work, literature.

Quiet, secluded, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, she will surely enable the encounter with the muses. To that place moved and managed to write certainly enough in the last 22 years of life. There saw the light of several novels: across the river and among the trees, the old man and the sea, Paris was a party and Islands in the Gulf. Also another novel that left unfinished, the garden of Eden. Also many articles and Chronicles for periodicals, among them the story a bloody summer, about mano a mano witnessed by him in Spain, between bullfighters Luis Miguel Dominguin and Antonio Ordonez. I’ve always had good luck writing in Cuba came to express once in a letter. After the death of Hemingway House was handed over to the Cuban State by the own writer will embodied in his testament, so you take just to botanical investigations. With the consent of his widow was decided to convert it into a museum as a tribute to the universal Narrator felt so much love for the island.