Holiday Village

Prices for trips of more than democratic, and therefore rest in Anapa everyone can afford! Order the rest of Gelendzhik on the best terms right now! Gelendzhik, recreation 'Niva'. Holiday Village 'Niva' is located on the Black Sea coast in the town of Gelendzhik. Tourists come to rest in Gelendzhik on the cars are placed in wooden houses. You can also receive tourists vacationing in Gelendzhik with children. The whole territory of the recreation 'Niva' is – 0.9 ha. Beach pebble in 10 minutes on foot.

The distance to the Black Sea coast 250 meters. Holiday Village 'Niva' works and so the same as camping – camping car capacity 'Niva' up to 50 machines. Views: 760 Recreation "Gelendzhik" Holiday "Gelendzhik" is in the resort city of Gelendzhik and is located on the street, park, near the resort 'Blue Wave' – and if you want not only to relax in Gelendzhik, but the surcharge may purchase kursovki and medical treatment in one of the best in the resort – Resorts 'Blue Wave'. Well appointed and cozy small area of recreation 'Gelendzhik' drowning in fresh green trees and bushes, which provide a pleasant shade and even in the summer where there is shelter from the sun. The entire area of recreation 'Gelendzhik' broken asphalt paths, playgrounds equipped for sports and between houses planted flower beds. Views: 428 Gelendzhik, recreation 'Breeze' Holiday 'Breeze' is located in Gelendzhik on the territory of the sanatorium 'Friendship'. Gelendzhik Gelendzhik resort town stretches in the Gelendzhik bay on the Black Sea coast.