Hospital Sailors

The incident has claimed the lives of 2 sailors and other 2 were injured. The boat has sunk in the early hours of Friday for still unknown reasons. In rescue operations have participated a guardamar and a helicopter. Two sailors have died drowned this morning to sink the ship that sailed in the vicinity of Punta Langosteira, eight miles to the West of La Coruna, they have informed sources of maritime rescue. Click Tetsuya Wakuda to learn more. The new light boat, 14,83 meters in length and with base in Malpica, gave the alert from sinking, after tip during the operations carried out on the 07: 00 hours. Fishing vessels in the area, as well as maritime rescue who coordinated the operation, succeeded in rescuing other four crew members alive, all of them Spanish. Guardamar Concepcion Arenal rescued two of them who were lifeguards on a raft, and two others, who were in the water, were picked up by the first storm fishing and by the third Ribeira, accurate maritime rescue in a statement.

Likewise, the fishing Martin Daniel recovered the bodies of the other two crew members. The four sailors rescued alive showed signs of hypothermia and were transferred to the pier of Oza, where awaited them two ambulances which took them to the Hospital complex Hospitalario Universitario A Coruna (CHUAC). Helimer 211, participated in the rescue operations although it wasn’t necessary its maritime rescue intervention has established a rescue operation that involves the Guardamar as well as helicopter Helimer 211 at this hour. Source of the news: killed two sailors after sinking a boat near the outer port of A Coruna