Ignacio Pulido

Before all these antecedents, the question should be: towards where goes the future of organizational DNA? In this regard, point to Ignacio Diaz and Ignacio Pulido (IESA, 2006) that DNA presents itself as one of the most innovative ideas of the moment. Says, that this model is the product distilled from years of experience and research on how organizations, play now sufficiently manageable to be used by almost any organization. He is added, the study of the organizational DNA has advanced to the point that, answering some basic questions, it is possible to determine the DNA of a company. It is said that it is also possible to formulate major projects of organizational transformation of the four bases of DNA: structure, right decision, motivation and information. Comment the cited authors Diaz and polished, that future DNA tests could be so useful for human beings and organizations.

An analysis of the material genetic of an organization can isolate the causes of its shortcomings, identify possible solutions and even resolve problems before that become evident. The biggest advantage of the organizational DNA on the biological DNA is that organizations do adjust and adapt its four bases to achieve the results that you want… Consider indicate Diaz and polished, that transform an organization is not an easy task, since changing the structure required to change the decision rights and for actually taking new decisions, employees often require new incentives and different information of which he handled. Change the DNA of a company means to modify the Organization at all levels, to make it able to adapt and correct it, make it more strong over time. Since then, this doesn’t happen quickly, may take several years of basic skills development, and always is necessary retroalimentarlas. Definitely, DNA will management ensure that what are the corrections that must be do, which allow them to organize their plans, objectives, all those details that would facilitate their operation, organizing efficiently and obtaining the results that favor you in your growth.