In Ukraine

Occupying a modest place in the table of ranks among other industries, the production of lacquers and paints, however, provides tremendous savings in socially necessary for sustained development of society work. A simple example. If the metal and machinery operated without paint, then from 12 to 15% smelted steel in the country each year would escape to rust! In Ukraine, until recently employed about 40 paint factories. Despite all the economic woes that continue to fester in our industry Over the last decade, domestic manufacturers confidently held the market in their hands, satisfying 90% of domestic demand for paints and varnishes. Or did not get around to our oligarchs, nurtured by kompartiynyh money, trust and the pyramids of hyperinflation, to paint factories, or for some other reason, but entry into the market most of them passed, so to speak, almost on the ideal scenario of privatization, version of which proved to be still viewed in the national reformism.

If you want, and basic decency. In the first stage, in 1992, most manufacturers of paints and lacquers switched from power on relations of the lease. Today they are in one voice say that it is possible to rent the industry did not die during the period of hyperinflation and to maintain the power teams of specialists and, most importantly, technology. In short, the 1994-th Most companies managed to buy the leased property from the state. Therefore, their corporatisation took place smoothly, with no losses and scandals, and the shareholders themselves have become. Even after the secondary emission Dnepropetrovsk allowed paint factory, the largest in Ukraine, to attract expensive loans without much-needed capital for technological development (and thus keep their prices in an accessible for impoverished population level), 70 per cent stake in the now open joint stock company owned by the members of the team. The same ratio, until recently, been observed in other paint companies, most of which were transformed into closed joint stock companies.