Independent Consultants

For some reason, most companies believe that the price they receive from their suppliers, and we have is the best on the market. As a result, prices for these categories is almost not discussed and accepted by most without bargaining, by default. However, experience shows that, regardless of cost items, whether it is telecommunications, transportation costs, packaging, insurance, office supplies, copying and printing, clothing and other (more than 30 different categories), there are proven methods to reduce these costs, and thus obtain additional revenue for the company. These savings are hundreds and thousands of hryvnia, also, are the company's net profit, as revenue from sales. Example for comparison, if the net profit 10%, the monthly saving of 10 thousand hryvnia – the equivalent of a sales increase of 100 thousand hryvnia per month. The result is the same, however, save 10 thousand hryvnia for business much more easily than to increase sales of products (especially now) on 100 000.

Of course, decide to optimize costs, develop a strategy and begin implementation of its forces may own employees. Another option – to invite an independent consultant specializing on cost optimization companies. Results may vary dramatically. How can you meet a really good economy? In every industry there has its own pricing model and methodology costing of the product or service. Most often, the only people who have knowledge and experience in this particular area, can determine the sales policy and the level of profitability of the provider. Thus, most companies are simply unable to truly analyze the level of its costs in categories such as telecommunications, insurance, logistics, packaging, printing, cleaning, courier services and more. Unlike consultants who are on such categories and specialize. The main principle of any project to optimize the costs – purchased by a new, lower priced products and services to retain their original level quality. Cost of services for cost optimization of the company – a percentage of the savings (usually 30-50%, depending on the amount saved) over a period of time (18-24 months), while the consultant accompanied by a company in the procurement process, ensuring compliance with the achieved level of prices and checking the correctness of invoices from suppliers. If the consultant does not find any options for reducing costs – it does not have any money earns. So, before you again to review the staffing or budget for advertising costs in the next month, think – it is very likely that your company is still possible to find a "hidden profits" among Your expenses.