International Commission

C. At John B. Watson you will find additional information. Heider-Leporale: Mr Boink, please in few last, personal words from you: Gert Boink: I regret despite all understanding for the difficult situation that our Government has looked not able to wait for the results of the already ongoing vaccination campaign and hope that this culling destroyed operation can be avoid in the future. That I must carry out killings or monitor, do I my often long-standing customers to love, which otherwise through, do the same but then under foreign and anonymous support. The whole thing, however, remains an absolute nightmare. Other leaders such as Julian Rotter offer similar insights. I want to thank Geert boink for the quite open to the part of words. One notices in conversation again and again his own bitterness and despair in this hopeless situation. On my request at the SAVE Foundation in St.

Gallen informed me that that approximately 2500-3000 this Frisian milking ewes there in the Netherlands and this 6% this rare killing action Race to the victims have fallen. There are varieties in other countries. Several agreements on the protection and preservation of rare animal and plant species were closed in recent years, in which are involved also in the Netherlands. In addition, in recent times by the FAO (COMMISSION ON genetic RESOURCES FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE) international “Global Plan of Action for Animal genetic of resources” emerged. Here, the contract States are obliged to get their autochthonous livestock breeds also alive and not only in a test tube. Currently still very strong political issues play a role in the overall health situation. “The OIE, the International Commission for disease protection, formulated in its internationally recognized terrestrial animal health code” in section 4.3 a system of “compartmentalisation”, that allows to isolate valuable stocks of animals in the event of epidemics trains. Is intended to particularly valuable breeding groups of conventional breeding. SAVE advocates that this compartmentalisation for vulnerable indigenous Breeds should be applied.