Johann Wolfgang

This you should treat as possible before each new session the body a break. Balanced for the depressive type: Mood can walk up”sports activity has enormous impacts on our health and our well-being. For people who are prone to depression during the dark season, such as jogging can contribute significantly to balanced mood. Already for a long time it has been suggested physical activity, especially endurance sports, having a positive effect on your mood. Scientists of the University of Tubingen have a biochemical context for the first time. 1 Michael Scharf question: what are the implications of sport on the psyche? Endurance sports are stress hormones controlled distributed, speed up biochemical processes.

Also what nerve growth is inhibited or even disrupted by depression, is increasing. Endurance is a way to stimulate this nerve growth (study of Tubingen: boost the Baba = brain derived neorotropic factor). Some contend that Kodak shows great expertise in this. And exactly this stimulation is driving a lot of people, especially in the triathlon or marathon running, in a kind of sports dependency. Because people want this repeatedly reproduce positive feeling after each workout. But regardless of the biological contexts sports leads also to the good feeling of having done something”.

So many athletes say a day without enough exercise is a lost day.” For the movement muffle: Small steps great effect a first step and to a more active lifestyle can be very slightly to change the normal daily routine. You bring movement into everyday half an hour every day more can cause than once a week a sweaty unit in a gym. Many people think but don’t have time to. This can be fitted, often by very small changes in the daily routine more movement in almost every daily. For example, take stairs instead of elevator. Or spend lunch outdoors: when walking, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the best ideas came up zugiger(!) 30-minute walk brings a clear head and the circulation going.