Jolly Pirko

Wedding ceremonies at the Center for 'Hero' Jolly Pirko! Yes for Noces! You clowns jokes welcome, beautiful girls and good fellows-in dance wedding invite! Became husband and wife, it's time to comply with Russian customs, but a glass of wine drink in an apple orchard. We offer your wedding party to decorate Russian traditions. In our Centre you will meet funny clowns, girls, beauty and good-fellows in folk costumes and offer to experience the these age-old Russian custom weddings. The program includes: – meeting the bride and groom – traditional games and competitions for the newlyweds – the Russian-folk feast in an apple orchard. Dried up fellow stranger maiden beauty. We want to submit to you the traditions of Russian weddings full-scale, submerged in the mystery and the surprising beauty of Russian ceremonies with dances, ditties, the show Heroes, with jokes and rhymes buffoons! Audible ringing Three bells – it's the groom in a hurry for his bride, accompanied by these Russian heroes. Matchmakers! Matchmakers go! Drove up to the porch, the bride needs. A good bride of seven girlfriends.

But the cunning girlfriend will not give up just because nevestushku, for her beauty and redemption of the relevant demand. And then have to argue with the stubborn girlfriends, difficult test prince and his retinue to pass. Wedding fun has just begun! And there and ceremonies, "Bread and salt", and blessing of the parents in the Russian tradition. Will not leave indifferent velichalnye korilnye and songs for the bride and groom with bestowing and glorification. Opening for ostroyazychnye ditties "wall to wall" under the accordion prowess and balalaika. Nobody will be bored, entertain all merry clowns with their jokes and rhymes. And warriors demonstrate their prowess valiant, the willing will be able to prove a real force heroic. And zakruzhatsya all in the dances and the general Russian dances at the great wedding feast